Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Looking back, looking forward #Nurture1415

So another year has past and here I am, in a hotel room in Belfast, looking back at 2014 and looking excitedly on to 2015. Reading my last years Nurture post, I've definitely accomplished most of what I hoped to achieve this year although I still need to blog more, read more and go to more football games, oh yeah and full in love! 

So in brief, here's my looking back at 2014:

1) Making a difference as a year leader - So I completed my first year as a Year Leader, being part of the SLT and leading changes to the new Geography and Computing curriculum, and I've loved it. Being a driver of change and seeing the benefits it has had to the education of children outside my own classroom has been an amazing and exciting experience, one I can't wait to continue with next year!

2) A fitter, healthier me - This year I've completed even more runs and races in new locations (Wembley Run to the Beat, Brighton Brooks 10k, Warrior Run) with old and new running buddies! Half way though the year, I was introduced to the Clean 9 healthy eating programme which has helped me lose a few pounds, drink more water and eat more healthily! It's amazing the benefits of aloe! 

3) Reconnecting with family more - This year has been a year of getting closer to my family through various reasons. My nan had a nasty fall and broke her hip which led to lots of hospital visits. My cousin, Annette, has spent most the year in hospital without a hip and this year I've spent lots of time with her, keeping her spirits up and reminiscing about the past. Finally, after dressing up as Dory for my cousin, Donna's, 30th birthday party we decided to go on holiday together. We spent a week in Dubrovnik, Croatia and had the best time away together- sharing a mutual love of cocktails, Olly Murs, eating, chilling, fun and adventure! I've loved the time spent with my immeadiate family- my sisters 30th birthday celebrations were also a highlight too. 

4) Fun with friends- This has been another year of fun times withfabulous  friends:Festivals, hen parties, weddings, birthdays, races, staying in a cottage on the Isle of a White, New Forest camping - thank you all for a fun filled year! 

5) Working towards a better work/ balance - this year I have definitely tried to maintain a good work life balance ensuring I work hard but also spend time having a life outside of school! Long may it continue!

So what I am looking forward to in 2015? 

1) Setting up my own mini-business selling Aloe Forever Living products!!

2) Being a bridesmaid for the first time ever!! So privelledged and honoured to be a big part of my friend Michelle's big day! 

3) Running my first half marathon!! Eek! 

4) To take greater responsibility in my teaching career- maybe that next step at some point?! If not, developing my career further to make a difference beyond my classroom and being a better leader. 

5) Continuing to love life and embrace new experiences and opportunities they bring, wherever they take me! I will endeavour to Keep a good work life balance and see family and friends as much as possible! It's a year of big birthdays in our family so I'm sure lots of fun to be had!

Also I hope to watch more football, blog and read more

So that's me done for 2014, all I have left to say, as I set about preparing for a night of fun and celebration, is Happy New Year everyone!! Here's to an exciting and bright 2015! 

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