Thursday, 23 July 2015

A Teacher's Summer Holiday #Summer10

This Monday in assembly I challenged all my kids to complete as many challenges from a list of 40 I compiled, vowing that I to will have a go. Can be found here: 
Now I love a challenge and will definitely give it a go however here is a more realistic ten that aim to do over the holidays, like Rachel (who inspired me to do this) I have 9 life ones and one school one #Summer10
1) Wash my car inside and out - it's not pretty at all! 
2) Relax and unwind - something I'm generally not very good with but I need to try. I think walks, trips to the beach and using my new colouring book from a child could help! 
3) Catch up with friends and family - having more time to see and do things with important people. 
4) Read 6 books- on my list so far is 'Bridesmaids' by Jane Costello and a Growth mindset book by Carol Dweck- any suggestions gratefully received! 
5) Run more - it's my mission to run from my house to the top of the Trundle, Goodwood! 
6) Bake and cook more - missing this at the moment and missing my healthy eating lifestyle so looking forward to getting back on it again. 
7) Tidy and declutter- I have a huge pile of paperwork that needs sorting! 
8) Spend more time down the allotment with Matt- love being outdoors and want to actually grow something successfully! 
9) Visit new places -  not going on a holiday abroad this summer so I want to visit new places in the UK! 
10) Paint my classroom and help out improving our school garden. 

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